Finding Balance Between Shifting | Libra Season | 2021

viva vivet, a sojourn of the senses, a road in the middle of the Lake District in England, surrounded by a blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds


Welcome to Libra season! A time to shift and balance between summer to autumn. It's also when my birthday falls so I feel a particular resonance during this point of the year. 

While normally a time to focus on partnerships, contracts, and harmonizing the world around you, this season we find ourselves in the middle of mercury retrograde. This is not the only planet in retrograde this month, there are a total of 6! So it’s a rather good time to lay low and focus on the “re’s” - revisit, refine, revision, retrospect, reflection, etc. Keep slow and steady to gain clarity before proceeding forward or jumping into anything. 

How can you bring harmony and peace into your world? Embrace beauty, music, art, the practices that bring you joy while you regain balance during this shift.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac.

Element - Air

Ruler - Venus

Focus - Balance in your relationships & partnerships, love, art, finding and making peace, appreciating the finer things in life


Ways to lean into this energy:

Yin yoga

  • This nourishing practice is ideal for a shift in seasons, moving from hot to cool

  • It’s incredibly grounding so great for a season of an air sign

  • Bonus pose: Child’s Pose (Balasana)


  • A sign that sees all sides, when in conflict or in making a decision, how does this look from all angles? 
  • If you lean one way, what happens if you go the other way? 
  • Confrontation? Step into the other's shoes 

Immerse yourself in beauty

  • Make your home a space you love, start small - a room, a corner, a shelf, beautify this with your favourite things
  • Visit a museum, create a happy playlist to start your day with, buy a plant or flowers to marvel at
  • What are the sights, sounds, tastes that make you happy?


October 6th, 2021 brings the new moon in Libra. What intentions can you set to bring forth balance and peace in your life? What do you need the most right now to find equilibrium in your relationships to others? A sign of communication and words, ponder these thoughts in a journal practice to see what unfolds.