Musings | the (re)inspiration for writing

I write a lot.

I write every morning, before I do anything else. (Re)inspired by a beautiful yoga mentoring program I took earlier this year + a book, The Artist’s Way. 

I write throughout the day too. My phone is filled with 3000+ notes. I’m continually adding and deleting as I move them. I have Google docs with pieces, countless notebooks and journals, and I’ve come to realise this past year that I’ve forgotten just how much I enjoy writing. 

It made me think back to when I was younger and in school. My favourite classes were the ones where we had a few minutes to write in our journals. I always drew pictures with mine and I still have these to this day. 

I realized as well, I could share some of these musings. My previous blog included much of this, from the processes I was going through, the challenges I was overcoming. Between recipes and yoga insight, I shared a lot of my voice.

Why not now? 

I have this little pocket in the ethers of the inter web, ripe and available to share. And so I will.

For the themes that are too long and involved for the (IG) grid and not quite the story for a newsletter - they will arrive here.

Perhaps something will speak to you or spark a thought within your own musings. ♡