Join me for a 2 hour immersion as we welcome in the spring equinox.

A time to embrace the renewal of yourself. Like the beauty of nature around us, we find ourselves emerging from a season of yin into more yang energy. The days become brighter and longer, we shed the weight of winter, and stir from a period of hibernation to bloom. 

Spring is the season of beginnings, fresh starts, and the chance of a new year. It's the start of a new zodiac cycle (Aries) bringing with it a fiery, go-getter energy. Connect to your core and drive to offer yourself the platform to leap from, exactly where you need to land. 

Let's join together to bring intention to your day and the season ahead. 




♡ Meditation & visualization 
♡ Movement with yoga flow
♡ Weavings of elemental wisdom 
♡ Journaling prompts 

You'll need your yoga mat, notebook, and a pen. Bonus items: a blanket or a cushion, and anything that helps to set the tone for your space. 

This will be recorded and can be sent to you upon request so you can return to it for inspiration and practice.

All levels of experience welcome.