• Carrot Falafel with Sesame Seeds

    Beta carotene, garbanzo morsels.
    (original recipe published on HuffPost)
  • Mermaid Latte

    Matcha ocean tonic.
    (original recipe first published on MindBodyGreen)
  • Vanilla Spiced Nut Milk

    Dairy free, rich and creamy, nourishing milk.
  • Immunity Shots

     Citrus pick me up.
     (original recipe first published on HuffPost
  • Red Velvet Granola

      Once you make your own granola, you'll realise why you weren't ever doing it before. This ones includes the humble beet - a vegetable that's ve...
  • Festive Waffles

    All you need for Christmas morning.
    Easy to prepare with good-for-you ingredients for a delicious breakfast or brunch.